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Heroes of Maelstra


Mealstra, now a continent of isolated sovereign cities, was once a massive empire. 500 years ago, the kingdom was destroyed when the Baron of Teif, Kessith Trand, and his citizens made a pact with demons for more power in an attempt to usurp control from the reigning lord of Maelstra, King Nigel the First and the then capitol city, Drakengart. In so doing, they were tricked into opening a gate to the Abyss. An endless demon army swept over the land, destroying everything. No true power was given to Baron Trand’s people; their “reward” a perverted form to match more closely their demonic pact-keepers, making the citizens of Teif the first of a new race we now call Teiflings.

In atonement for his actions, Kessith sought out the venerated Saint Rogus, High Cleric of Pelor and Moradin. Rogus divined that eight Champions would arise to send the demon army back to the abyss. It would be Kessith’s responsibility to find the Champions, though it was seen that he would not be their leader. It took Kessith 50 years to find and convince all of the Champions to join his cause, and with no army of their own, another 20 years of small battles to finally overcome the demons. When all was done, there was no empire left to salvage and each individual city became its own small kingdom.

Still with no standing armies of their own, the cities relied on the Champions to keep the peace, overcoming the wild monsters that began to congregate in the untamed ruins and wilderness that lay in the vast expanses between the cities. Over time, all of the champions perished, until only one was left: Cellun Ardrain, an Eladrin High Mage from the destroyed city of Tellessar, who continued to single-handedly keep order between the cities for centuries before age finally began to take its toll. He founded the Heroes Guild nearly 100 years ago, and still manages the organization personally to this day.

The Heroes Guild operates out of the old capitol of Maelstra, Drakengart, which is still its most grand city, supporting farmland and smalls towns for nearly 50 miles past its walled border. The headquarters of the Heroes Guild is a massive complex known as Tellessar Cathedral, which is the hub of a network of teleportation circles, leading to citadels strategically placed in or near every city left on the continent. In this way Cellun can quickly and strategically deploy his Heroes to deal with nearly any threat. In most cities, to wear the mark of a Hero garners instant respect and cooperation from whatever law enforcement or government is in place there. There are currently hundreds of Heroes employed by Cellun, including you.

People and Places of Note

The Champions of Maestra:
• Cellun Ardrain: The third Champion of Maelstra. An Eladrin and Wizard. The founder of the Heroes Guild, and only living Champion.
• Lord Nigel Pentmore II: The eighth Champion of Maelstra. A Human and Paladin of Pelor. The only son of the former King of Maelstra, Nigel the First of Drakengart.
• Kessith Trand: The first Champion of Maelstra. A Teifling and Warlock. The former Baron of Teif.
• Saint Rogus: The second Champion of Maelstra. A Dwarf and Cleric. The High Cleric of the Church of Pelor and Moradin.
• Terrin Melar: The fifth Champion of Maelstra. An Elf and Ranger. Captain of the Roving Guard in Erris and half-brother of Alassa.
• Alassa Melar: The fourth Champion of Maelstra. A Half-Elf and Bard. Herald to the Baron of Erris and half-sister of Terrin.
• Barrick Wendin: The sixth Champion of Maelstra. A Halfling and Rogue. Nothing is known of Barrick from before his time as a Champion.
• Grand K’groth: The seventh Champion of Maelstra. A Dragonborn and Fighter. Former Grand Master of the King’s Guard.

Teif: Large city, still predominantly Teiflings.

Drakengart: Largest city in Maelstra.

Tellessar: Elven city destroyed in the Demon War.

Erris: Once a small city, the portal to the abyss opened here and the city was lost.

Mandor: medium –sized city, home to the High Church of Pelor and Moradin.

Coradon: Oldest city in Maelstra still in existence.

Arcos: the smallest major city in Maelstra.

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